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Our Members

Founders & Next Generation Leaders of Family Owned Businesses

Family Owned Businesses Drive the U.S. Economy

  • Employ 60% of the U.S. workforce

  • Create 78% of all new jobs in the U.S.

  • Generate 64% of the entire U.S. GDP

Family Business Leadership Requires Extraordinary Skills

  • Only 30% survive the transition from the first to the second generation leader

  • Only 12% survive the transition from the 2nd to 3rd generation leader

  • Less than 14% remain in the family for more than 60 years

Our members know first-hand that leading a family-owned business, particularly during and after a leadership transition, is far more difficult because family relationships significantly complicate how decisions are made and what is needed to gain the trust, support and alignment of everyone in the organization.

With confidential, unbiased strategic advice and decision-support from peers, our members succeed where many fail in growing and leading profitable and sustainable family-owned businesses with healthy, thriving cultures.

Our members help each other identify and prioritize the strategic changes that are needed to stay ahead of the competition and then how to implement those changes in a way that builds family-member confidence, employee productivity, customer loyalty and sales growth while competitors and the world continue to rapidly change .

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Our Organization

Chief Executives Guild

The Chief Executives Guild brings the leaders of non-competing businesses together where they can safely and confidentially discuss professional and personal challenges, gain access to the collective wisdom of their peers and receive decision-support and unbiased advice on successfully navigating the leadership challenges they face. Members share their knowledge, experience and strategic thinking with their peers — supporting each other in achieving the business and personal results each member desires.

Our History

We began operations in 2006, in Providence, RI, as the Chief Executives Club of Rhode Island. Our mission was to bring chief executives in the region together to gain new ideas, share their experiences and help each other achieve business growth with increased profitability — ultimately increasing jobs and strengthening the state’s economy during economically challenging times.

In 2012 we launched the Chief Executives Guild on the west coast to help small and mid-market chief executives in the pacific northwest achieve the business growth and profitability needed to increase jobs, wages and the strength of the region’s economy. The greater Portland region's economy is now booming.

In 2019 we relocated our organization to central Connecticut to help the leaders of family-owned businesses achieve the business and personal results each member desires — ultimately increasing job growth and strengthening the state’s economy.

Member Services

CEG MasterMind Board participation provides confidential & unbiased decision-support and strategic advice from a curated group of peer chief executives who help each other tackle their most important challenges.  Professionally facilitated meetings using our proprietary wisdom sharing process. Learn More

CEG L² Coaching helps members identify their blind spots, maximize the value of their CEG MasterMind Board and grow their leadership effectiveness — members gain the clarity and focus needed to significantly increase performance and achieve the business and personal results desired. Learn More.

Membership Details

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Executive Leadership

Robert E. Fiske

President & CEO of the Chief Executives Guild, CEO MasterMind Chair & Leadership Mastery Coach

Robert Fiske

Real leaders talk openly about their failures. They never hide from them, because they know that’s where the best learning comes from."

—Robert E. Fiske

(As quoted in the book “Real Influence” by Mark Goulston & John Ullmen.)

(860) 773-0330

Robert’s passion and purpose is helping founders and next generation leaders of family-owned businesses increase performance and achieve the results and legacy they desire because leaders who continually hone their leadership performance have a major positive impact on many lives, including their employees, family members, customers, vendors and the people in the communities in which their businesses operate.

Robert offers the following services to chief executives:

CEG MasterMind Board curating, convening & facilitation

CEG L² Coaching (exclusively for members of CEG MasterMind Boards)

Confidant & Advisory Services for CEOs dealing with a personal crisis

Robert's professional experience includes:

Over 14 years’ experience forming and leading CEO MasterMind Boards (peer advisory groups) and providing coaching services to chief executives of small, medium and large family-owned businesses, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies

Founder & CEO of the Chief Executives Guild (originally as the Chief Executives Club of RI, in 2006)

Author/Developer of the CEG L² Coaching methodology and Trainer/Certifier of CEG L² Coaches

Managing Partner of the C&F Brand Communications Agency

Fortune 500 Executive – Head of HP's global C-Suite Executive Engagement initiatives

Managing Director of the 1995 and 2000 World Business Leader Forums

Founder & CEO of DataSolutions International, Inc.

Chief executives praise Robert for delivering maximum results in the minimal time possible and for standing behind his work and consistently exceeding expectations.

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