Jeannie Coyle

Jeannie Coyle

Director, CEO MasterMind Chair & Leadership Mastery Coach

Jeannie Coyle

There is no short cut to learning to lead. Books, blogs and training only provide ideas – knowing is simply not the same as knowing how. Experience and the wise counsel of peers who have learned from their own experiences are champion drivers in developing the leadership skills needed to solve ever more complex business problems and deliver better results."

—Jeannie Coyle

Jeannie Coyle has over 35 years of experience as a Fortune 500 C-suite executive, executive coach, and business leadership consultant. She has a proven talent for coaching business leaders, helping them develop the mindsets and behaviors to execute strategy and reach critical business results and metrics.

A practical executive leadership coach and workforce strategist, Jeannie is up-to-date on what the best science tells us really works to develop your team of leaders and personally lead your workforces in ways that drive performance. Throughout her career, both in companies and in her consulting businesses, she has shown a knack for intelligently spotting and helping leaders act on target opportunities that improve leadership, the organization, the workforce and the work environment—all in service of getting results that matter to business strategy and market performance.

Prior to founding WorkTelligence and cofounding Talent Savvy Manager, Jeannie served as Senior Vice President of Human Resources at American Express, where she partnered with Lou Gerstner to build an enduring leadership pipeline process, and as Vice President of Executive and Management Development at Bank of America, where she integrated leadership coaching into her role and provided 360 degree feedback and coaching to the top levels of executive management.

Jeannie has been a past board member of the Portland Association of Corporate Growth, a board member of the Berrett-Koehler Author’s Co-op, and a board member and on the executive committee of Human Resource People and Strategy, a national organization for C-suite HR leaders of Fortune 100, 500 and 1,000 corporations.

Ms. Coyle is also the co-author of Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results published in 2011 by Berrett Koehler. Her blogs and articles have appeared in “Smart Brief on Leadership,” AMA’s “Moving Along.” She is a frequent guest on podcasts and a speaker at company leadership conferences discussing leadership, talent and business performance.

Jeannie is based in the Prineville/Bend area in central Oregon.

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