Case Studies

Big Challenges, Deep Wisdom, Exceptional Performance

A The CEO of a large, fast-growing, regional retailer with thousands of employees was planning a bold move to transform the business. However key team and board members had expressed serious concerns about timing, cost, cultural impact, and potentially negative impact on EBITDA. The CEO presented this to the members of his CEG MasterMind Board; his peers asked deep questions, identified potential blind spots, and offered several practical ideas and some invaluable strategic advice. After a follow-up session with his CEG L² Coach, the CEO gained the full support needed, communicated the changes to staff in a way that created a breakthrough in mindsets and behaviors. The result was strong staff engagement, a positive change in the company culture, and the desired impact on EBlTDA – making the new strategy a major success.

B The 2nd generation president of a family owned manufacturer of industrial and consumer products was planning to replace a long-time distributer in Asia with a newly-formed, company-owned distributer. He brought this to his CEG MasterMind Board, requesting their ideas on how to do this so that the current distributor did not become a competitive threat. Questions were asked and insightful ideas were generated which refined the plan. The plan was then implemented and resulted in higher than planned revenues, no lost customers, and a civil business relationship with the former Asian distributor.

C The CEO of a manufacturer of complex audio hardware & software systems was facing a decision of whether he should down-scale high-end consumers product to focus more B2B systems. Accessing the experience of his CEG MasterMind Board, his peers helped him contrast the pros and cons of all options and identify the data and research he would need to make the best decision. The outcome was a clear cut, well thought-out decision that the CEO brought to his leadership team and resulted in quickly achieving desired revenue goals.

D The CEO of an small, fast growing healthcare software and services company asked her CEO MasterMind Board for their ideas on how to set functional metrics so leaders would focus on “big rocks” versus “sand.” Her CEG MasterMind Board members provided the models and experience they had used to deal with this issue. The CEO then created metrics that helped managers at all levels sort out the important from the urgent.

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