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CEG L² Coaching

Best-in-class athletes and business leaders of all types have two things in common:

1. A fierce desire to learn, grow and achieve more.

2. The right coach—someone who knows how to help you consistently increase your performance by identifying weak spots, helping you dig deeper to find answers, learn new skills, correct detrimental behaviors, and continually hone what is inside of you that makes you great in the first place and focus on what is needed to further increase your performance.

No one reaches their peak performance without the right coach

There is a big difference between a coach and a consultant.

Consultants are experts who are hired for their professional or technical expertise and are expected to provide advice and solutions.

Coaches partner with their clients in thought-provoking and creative dialogs that help the client maximize their personal and professional potential. With a good coach, the solutions come from within the client.

CEG L² Coaches are highly experienced and credentialed leadership and life mastery coaches whose passion and purpose is helping their top executives grow their leadership skills and achieve the business results and life they desire.

Leadership Mastery Coaching

Chief Executives Guild Members have access to private L² coaching from any of our Certified CEG L² Coaches—seasoned, top-level executive leadership and CEO life coaches—who can help you dig even deeper, identify blocks, and support you in achieving the professional and personal growth you desire.

Non-Member Executives may request the services of our CEG L² Coaches. Executive leadership & life coaching services for non-members depends upon the availability of our coaches, the specific needs and expectations of the non-member executive. An initial screening can determine if the executive and coach are a good fit and will most likely work well together and achieve the desired outcome.

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