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The Chief Executives Guild

Helping chief executives achieve the results and life they desire

Why not take this valuable opportunity to experience the power of deep, confidential conversations with peer-level presidents & CEOs of non-competitive companies about the strategic leadership challenges that are impacting to you.

The Chief Executives Guild curates small-groups of presidents and CEOs of like-sized, non-competitive, multi-million and multi-billion-dollar corporations. Our members use our powerful, professionally-facilitated, wisdom-sharing process to help each other achieve the results and legacy they desire. All our members are life-long learners who lead an executive team and a sizable or rapidly growing workforce, and most lead or report to a board.

We are a very exclusive, private CEO and president-only organization that is focused on maximizing the value that every member receives from their time with peers. We carefully curate all members by interviewing each potential member (like you) for compatibility, non-competitive alignment and a willingness to participate confidentially with peers.

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