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Membership Onboarding

Membership in the Chief Executives Guild starts with an invitation from a member or someone on our leadership team. You must meet our Membership Qualification and agree to abide by our Membership Principles.

To join a CEG MasterMind Board, you must complete a Candidate Assessment Interview and receive the approval of the Board Chair and the members of that Board. A key eligibility factor is that the candidate must think and operate as the top decisionmaker of a family owned business.

The wisdom you receive is only as good as the caliber of those in your circle


Candidate Process:
The candidate approval process is designed to increase the value of each member’s participation by bringing together only those chief executives who have a strong desire to continually hone their leadership skills and help their peers do the same.

Candidate Profile:
Our members believe in leading at a higher-level—in achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the wellbeing of all involved. Ethics, social impact, purpose, and legacy are very important to them.

Candidate Job Title:
The candidate must hold one of the following titles: President, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Managing Director, Managing Partner, or be the local chief executive of a division of a major corporation.

Membership is limited to those at the top of their organization because the buck-stops-here leadership issues discussed in our roundtables are unique to chief executives and different from the issues faced by COOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other senior executives.

Organization Size:
Our members typically lead small to medium private, family owned businesses, manage an executive team, report to (or lead) a board, and are responsible for a workforce.

Organization Type:
The candidate’s business is typically a privately held, family-owned corporation, limited liability corporation, or partnership,  operating as a viable business, focused on growing revenue, controlling expenses, and creating a healthy culture that maximizes employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

All Members Agree to the Following

Membership Principles

The Chief Executives Guild brings presidents and CEOs together in a safe, confidential environment where they can discuss professional and personal issues. Members come together with the understanding that in exchange for their willingness to share their experience and knowledge, they gain access to the collective wisdom and decision-support of peers.

Therefore, to maximize the value and effectiveness of membership in the Chief Executives Guild (CEG), each member agrees to adhere to the following principles:

1. Confidentiality
CEG members agree that information divulged in any Guild meeting, at retreats and in personal conversations shall be treated as confidential. We do not engage in discussions regarding, or ask members to share, highly confidential information (such as trade secrets, proprietary information, or information subject to a non-disclosure agreement). However, we do discuss leadership strategies and personal growth issues that may be sensitive in nature. Members must use their own judgment and discretion in determining what information they choose to disclose. However, Guild members typically feel secure and comfortable discussing their most challenging professional and personal issues and concerns because of the mutual understanding that members will honor the confidentiality of the information discussed in all forums, boards, retreats, and private personal conversations between members.

2. Non-Judgment
CEG members agree to honor the principle of sanctuary by listening and responding to their peers without judgment. The most valuable learnings emerge when discussing significant challenges and failures. The trust our members place in each other is too valuable to jeopardize with judgmental or lecturing responses.

3. A Willingness to Help
CEG members agree that they come together support each other and ask: How can we best help one another clarify and achieve our visions and goals?

4. No “Selling”
CEG members understand that it is never appropriate to use their access to their CEG MasterMind Board members to “pitch” their products or services to their CEG MasterMind Board members. It is acceptable, however, for Guild members to inquire about and purchase products and services from any other Guild member company if they choose to do so and are not in the same CEG Mastermind Board.  Sharing leads and recommending members' companies is always encouraged and appreciated.

5. Lead at a Higher Level
CEG members agree to strive toward leading at a higher level, which is defined by Ken Blanchard in his book "Leading at a Higher Level" as, "the process of achieving worthwhile results while acting with respect, care, and fairness for the wellbeing of all involved."  Guild members agree that ethics, social impact, purpose, and legacy are very important.

6. No Obligation to Follow “Advice”
CEG members acknowledge that the Guild is not in the business of offering specific advice or recommendations. Guild members make their own decisions and are not required or under any obligation to follow any recommendations of any representative, guest speaker, or member of the Guild. Therefore, members agree that neither the Guild nor any of its agents, employees, guest speakers, or members shall be liable to a Guild member for any advice, information or recommendations that such member may receive and/or choose to act upon.

Quality – Content – Value

Membership Satisfaction Guarantee

Any new member who decides they are not satisfied with the quality, content, or value received, may resign at any time.

Members agree that upon resignation they will pay the following month's dues, meet with their CEG L² Coach for a wrap-up session, and attend a final CEG MasterMind Board meeting and present and discuss their resignation with the members of their CEG MasterMind Board.

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